Recent Projects: Spirit Of the Jungle

Artificial Vertical GardensOur artificial vertical gardens also known as faux gardens, or permanent gardens are a great solutions for any residential or commercial space looking to include a vertical green wall with no maintenance or follow up costs. Our  artificial vertical gardens are made out of high quality synthetic ivy and offer a variety of color and design options to choose from. 

About the collection

At Zensa we believe that the most pleasing environments are a reflection of nature and our connection to the natural world. Spirit Of The jungle is an artificial vertical garden collection inspired by the tropical forests, rain forest and and jungles of the world. As the richest habitats on earth with millions of spices of plants and animals, these places play an vital role in the health of the planet.  Paying homage to the “lungs of the earth” this vertical garden collection uses elements such as flowers, horns and succulents coupled with a vibrant ivy palm base to create the symmetry of the jungle in its perfect proportions. 

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