About Us

Our Story

Zensa Design is a vertical garden company that is focused on the intersection of modern design and nature. Everything we sell is made with one goal in mind: that is not just about the way something looks but how it makes you feel.

Our custom green walls,  vertical gardens and seasonal collections, are timeless pieces of inspired design and unparalleled quality. 



Let us design and give life to the walls of your home with unique ideas and excellent materials.



Our unique designs have given us the lead in the artificial vertical garden, green walls or wall panels industry.



Giving life to every corner of your home is our passion. At Zensa Design we make sure to bring your ideas to life.

Inspired by nature’s art

To say Zensa Design is a leader in vertical gardens is very true but it doesn’t quite tell the whole story. Our approach to design is a combinations of all our team member’s  life experience and it manifest its self in vertical gardens, floral arrangements, decor pieces and curated art. Visit our showroom and get to know us. You’ll be sure to find something unique that help you tell your story. 

We believe in impact too. By working with local artists and manufacturing all of our vertical gardens in house, our design team has continued to increase the selection of organic handcrafted and recyclable materials sourced from artisans all over the world. There is a story behind every piece, one that starts at Zensa by putting together your vision and our knowledge and lives on with you. 


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