Artificial GREEN WALLs

Our artificial vertical gardens are  a great solutions for any residential or commercial space looking to include a green wall with no maintenance or follow up costs. Our  artificial vertical gardens are made out of high quality synthetic ivy and offer a variety of color and design options to choose from. 

Ultra Realistic 

Ultra realistic artificial plans and foliage that cultivate a lush green and zenfull space. 

No Maintance 

Once installed no maintenance is light or irrigation required. 

customize it

Our artificial vertical gardens provide endless customization options. 


why an Artificial Green wall?

Few improvements to a space bring more life to it as quickly as adding a custom green wall, but some settings present too many problems to permit the installation or maintenance of one. At Zensa Design, we’ve worked hard to create a solution that allows you create your very own vertical garden in a simple quick and cost effective way. Our artificial vertical gardens are a great way to provide some additional life to commercial and residential spaces.  


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