Get closer to nature with our natural moss green walls

Moss is a beautiful component in garden design, living art, and indoor gardens that keeps us very close to nature. This product is only intended for indoor use. 

Why Moss?

These living wall alternatives have all of the splendor of a living green wall but are free from the irrigation and lighting requirements that are essential to healthy living green walls. 

Moss walls are one of the most versatile and captivating design elements to emerge on the interior design market.

Large-scale moss installations are becoming more prominent than ever, even in residential homes and multi-family housing locations. 

100% Preserved Natural Moss 

Our Moss in 100% natural moss picked from moss fields and preserved with a patented process.

Looking For Something Custom?

We offer custom moss green walls solutions for residential and commercial spaces. Contact us and speak to a project consultant to get started. Minimum of 66 Sqft. 

Get in touch. For more information contact us. 

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Set up an onsite or virtual consultation. 

We are happy to set up a virtual or onsite appointment to learn about the project and understand you vision. 


Once we are clear on the scope we will prepare a detailed proposal of the work to be performed including lead times and expected completion. 

Manufacturing and install 

Once we are ready to go out operations team will take care of the manufacturing and installation process while keeping you up to date every step of the way.