natural Moss vertical gardens

Moss is a relatively uncomplicated plant. Lacking leaves, stems, roots, and buds  this non-vascular plant uses tiny threads to anchor itself to the stones, trees, or ground where it grows. This enduring plant is been around for over 500 million years and in believed to have played and important role in the formation of the earths atmosphere

Why Moss?

The coolest little plant ever.

Many modern buildings suffer from poor indoor air quality – stagnant, dry, polluted and oxygen depleted air all contribute to lower productivity, shorter attention spans and increased sickness. Incorporating a Zensa Living moss walls to your indoor air space not only greatly enhances the visual aspects of your home or place of business, but it will also cleanse, moisten, and oxygenate the air while increasing a sense of well being. A handful of live moss has the air cleansing and oxygen generating properties of a large tree.  This is due in part to the vast surface area of moss plants  essentially a “green lung”, capturing all sorts of pollutants, allergens and harmful particles.

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