Natural Moss Green Walls

Create beautiful green spaces with a product that is simple to install, does not requiere maintenance and irrigation. This product is only intended for indoor use. 

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Why Moss?

Many modern buildings suffer from poor indoor air quality – stagnant, dry, polluted and oxygen depleted air all contribute to lower productivity, shorter attention spans and increased sickness. Incorporating moss walls to your indoor air space not only greatly enhances the visual aspects of your home or place of business, but it will also cleanse, moisten, and oxygenate the air while increasing a sense of well being.

Our Moss Options

Choose between our Artisan Preserved Deep Green Forest Moss, Apple Green Moss, Basil Green Moss or a mix of these.


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Looking For Something Custom?

We offer custom moss green walls solutions for residential and commercial spaces. Contact us and speak to a project consultant to get started. Minimum of 66 Sqft. 

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Once we are clear on the scope we will prepare a detailed proposal of the work to be performed including lead times and expected completion. 

Manufacturing and install 

Once we are ready to go out operations team will take care of the manufacturing and installation process while keeping you up to date every step of the way. 

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