Ivy Green Wall 

Our artificial ivy green wall panels are the perfect, cost effective beautiful solution to that wall your nit sure what to with. Our artificial panels provide a touch of elegance nature to any home and place our business.  and with no maintenance to consider this system is great both indoors and out. 


About the collection.

At Zensa we believe that the most pleasing environments are a reflection of nature and our connection to the natural world. Our Artificial ivy panels accomplish just that by giving you an easy and maintenance free solution for your home or place of business. If you are a DYI’R just like us, we can provide you with just the panels and you can have a go at the install. Otherwise we offer full install services, for you to sit back and let us get it done. 

 Something Custom?

These panels can be customized to any size or surface. Contact us and speak to a vertical garden consultant about your project.

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